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The Bronson Line

Bronson, an English surname with varied spellings, as Bromson, Broncson, Bronsum, Bounson, Bruncson, Brunson, Brownson, Brainson, and Brunsum. It may be derived from the Baptismal name Brownson, "son of Brown". Another explanation of the origin of the family name is that it was originally "de Braundeston" and was evidently derived from the place of residence of the family at an estate, Branteston, Braunteston, Bruntestun or Branston, which is a hamlet belonging to Burton-on-Trent, near the River Trent. The first mention of the above names is in 956, when Branston as a place name is found in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Northamptonshire. Ricardus De Brandeston is recorded in 1249, and William Branson in 1514. The chief places where the family are found are in the counties of Manchester, York and London.

JOHN BRONSON, ancestor of the American family, is believed to have emigrated with the Rev. Thomas Hooker, who came to New England from his retirement in Holland in 1632 as the pastor of the church at Newton, afterwards Cambridge, Mass. In October, 1635, a group of three hundred emigrants, chiefly from Lincolnshire, prepared to leave their homes. In the following June, the Rev. Mr. Hooker led his people overland to Connecticut, settling in HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT IN 1635. Among this company was probably the father and two sons, Richard, John, and Richard Bronson. (need to recheck this last sentence for accuracy)

1. JOHN BRONSON, the progenitor of this family in America, was born in England and died at Farmington, Connecticut, Nov. 28, 1680. He is believed to have come to New England in 1635 with the Rev. Thomas Hooker, of whose church he was a member. John was a soldier in the bloody Pequot battle of 1637. His house-lot, believed to have been given him for his services in the Pequot war, was in the "soldier's field", so called, in the north part of the village of Hartford on the "Neck Road". He was living there in 1640 but after the purchase of Tunis (Farmington, Connecticut) by the people of Hartford, he removed to that place. Here he was active in the organization of the FARMINGTON CHURCH and took a prominent part in town affairs. He was DEPUTY TO THE GENERAL COURT in 1651, and in later years was also CONSTABLE of Farmington, and is recorded as a freeman in 1669. The name of his wife has not be preserved. Children:


1. Jacob, born in Jan,1641, died in 1708; married Mary

2. John, born in 1643 or in Jan 1644.


4. Mary, married John Wyatt.

5. Abraham, baptized Nov. 28, 1647; md. Hannah Griswold, daughter of Matthew.

6. Dorcas, died May 13 1697; married Stephen Hopkins

7. Sarah, md. John (or Ebenezer) Kilbourn, of Wethersfield,Conn.

2. ISAAC BRONSON, son of John Bronson, born in Nov. 1645, baptized in Hartford, Connecticut Dec. 7, 1645 by the Rev. Thomas Hooker, died about 1719. Isaac Bronson was one of the ORIGINAL THIRTY SUBSCRIBERS AND FOUNDERS as well as one of the FIRST COMPANY IN WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT. He was numbered among those who received MEADOW LAND as allotments, his name also appearing among the PATENTEES IN THE FIRST TOWN PATENT,and he took an active part in the establishment of the church at WATERBURY. In 1695, he was made SERGEANT OF THE TRAIN BAND, and in May 1677, he was chosen DEPUTY, and again in Oct. 1701. Other civic duties consisted of service as TOWNSMAN, TOWN SURVEYOR, and member of the SCHOOL COMMITTEE. ISAAC BRONSON married, about 1669, MARY ROOT. Children:


1. ISAAC, born in 1670, died June 13, 1751

2. John, born 1673, died in 1746

3. Samuel, born in 1676

4. Mary, born Oct. 15, 1680, died in 1756; md. Deacon Thomas Hickox.

5. Joseph, born in 1682, died May 10, 1707

6. Thomas, born 16 Jan 1686, Died in Waterbury 6 May 1777, md. 21 Dec. 1709 Elizabeth Upson. Held rank of Lieutenant which is noted on grave.

7. Ebenezer, born in Dec. 1688, died 20 July 1775.

8. Sarah, born Nov. 15, 1691, died in 1748

9. Mercy, born Sept. 28, 1694; md. Richard Bronson, of Woodbury


Ref: Americana Illustrated Vol. XXXII No. 1 Page 122. Additional References listed there.

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