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The Bradley Line

Ref: Americanna Ill. XXII No.1 P 98-104

"A Wilcox Book"



There are several distinct branches of the Bradley family in the United States, the founders of which came from England. The first Bradleys in the American Colonies are said to have come from the market town of Bingley, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. About the beginning of the seventeenth century, WILLIAM BRADLEY was born in Bingley. According to tradition handed down in different branches of the family, he was a friend of Cromwell, and the History of Bingley, England, states that he was A MAJOR IN THE PARLIAMENTARY ARMY, although he was only twenty five years old when he came to New Haven, Connecticut. William Bradley resided for a time in Branford and Guilford, later removing to New Haven, where he took up his residence in what is now North Haven, and had large land interests there. He, with Thomas Munson took an active part in the development of New Haven. HE WAS THE FIRST LANDOWNER IN THE VILLAGE. Founders of other branches of the Bradleys are: Francis Bradley, ancestor of the Fairfield family; and Daniel Bradley, founder of the Haverhill, Massachusetts Bradleys.

1. WILLIAM BRADLEY, of New Haven, Connecticut, was born in Bingley, England, about 1620. He settled in New Haven, and married there, Feb. 18, 1644/5, ALICE PRITCHARD, daughter of ROGER and FRANCES PRITCHARD of Springfield, Mass. William Bradley's parents were WILLIAM and AGNESS (MARGATE) BRADLEY. William died in 1690, and Alice died in 1692. Children, with dates of baptism:

1. Joseph, Jan. 4, 1646, died 1705

2. Isaac, 1647 (?)

3. Martha, Oct. 1648; md. Samuel Munson, Oct 26, 1665

4. Abraham, 24 Oct. 1650, died Oct. 19, 1718; md. 25 Dec

1673 Hannah Thompson, born Sept.11, 1654, died at New

Haven 26 Oct. 1718.

5. Mary, April 30, 1653, md. Samuel Todd 24 Nov. 1668

6. Benjamin, April 8, 1657

7. Hester (or Esther), 29 Sept. 1659

8. Nathaniel, 26 Feb 1660/61

9. SARAH, 21 June 1665, md. 23 May 1682, SAMUEL BRACKET



The first Bradleys are said to have come from the market town of Bingley in the West Riding of Yorkshire, about twelve miles northeast of Leeds, on the river Aire. The town of Bradley

was about six or seven miles to the north. The name is Anglo-Saxon, meaning a broad field or pasture. The father of the first emigrants is not known nor is the name of his first wife. His second wife, Elizabeth, came to America with the children:

1.WILLIAM; 2. Daniel; 3. Joshua; 4. Ellen; 5. Nathan; 6.

Stephen. Later she married second, John Parmelee, who died Nov 8, 1659; she married (3) John Evarts, May 27 1663, who died May 10, 1669. She died in Jan. 1683. Both of her American husbands were Guilford men. Mrs. Bradley is said to have come over in 1648. All the members of the first generation here given are Mrs. Elizabeth Bradley's step-children and children.


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