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A Charming Hobby Collecting Old Lace Bobbins

A number of women are now collecting the bobbins of the old lace makers. North Bucks, West Beds, and South Northants afford the best hunting grounds, and there are still beautiful examples to be found in Oxfordshire, Wilts, Hunts, and Devon.


There is a infinite variety in bobbins. The most expensive are costly toys used by great ladies who, in former times, played at lacemaking -bobbins inlaid with gold and silver with beads composed of precious gems. These, save by the happiest chance, are beyond the reach of the average collector.

In contrast, are the small plain wooden bobbins without beads or spangles which were used for the finest "Bucks point." Which by the way is misnamed, for strictly speaking "point" is needle made.

There is such great variety from which to choose it is only possible to decide one or two lines upon which the intending collector might make a start. Take for instance inscribed bobbins. Many of these merely record such events as births, marriages, deaths, murders, suicides, hangings, transportations, elections. For those who enjoy cryptograms there are puzzle bobbins, inscribed in cipher.

Most people are very interested in the "Declaration Bobbin." The gift of such one enabled a shy lover to reveal his passion to the girl of his choice.

Bobbin-making had it own artists. CHIEF AMONG WHOM WERE JESSE COMPTON AND HIS SC)N JAMES COMPTON OF NORTH BIJCKS. their handiwork was usually carried out in bone, beautifully dyed in many colors like the bobbins in Northants, though the colors of the latter were usually inlaid.


These are bobbins inlaid with pewter, and bobbins with beads of amber, coral jade and cornelian, and even when the beads are just glass - it is a glass not made today.

The Daily Mail July 4, 1921


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