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Death Claims Valley's Oldest Pioneer Father lijah Bingham

Death Claims Valley's Oldest Pioneer Father

Thomas Bingham, 94, died Tuesday morning at his home in Maeser from results of injuries which he suffered in February of last year when he fell and broke his hip. Until the time of the injury, Mr. Bingham was hale and hearty at his remarkable age. He milked his cow night and morning and chopped his own fire wood.

He had enjoyed a birthday celebration in August, l943, when more than one hundred friends and relatives called to wish him good health.

Funeral services will be held Saturday at 1 o'clock in the Maeser chapel.

Born in Ogden August 12,1850 Mr. Bingham was the son of Thomas and Caron Happoch Holladay Bingham. He and his family were among the first settlers to come to the Uintah Basin in the fall of 1878. They settled in Dry Fork until 1886, where they moved to what is now Maeser, then called Mill ward.

He married Elizabeth Froerer on June 1, 1878 and on October 25, 1875 he was married to her twin sister, Louisa Froerer. Louisa died in 1920 and Elizabeth died in 1933.

Mr. Bingham has been an active church member all his life. On the 9th of May, 1887, Ashley Valley was organized as Uintah Stake by Apostle John Henry Smith and John W. Taylor, Samuel R. Bennior was made president, Reuben S. Collett and James Hacking as counselors. Mr. Bingham was one of the high council. He was chosen Sunday School superintendent in 1895, and held this office for 23 years. He also acted as counselor to, 8ishop Sylvannus Collett for six years.

Mr. Bingham held an unquestionable record when it comes toward teaching. He started at 18 years of age, and continued his ward teaching until his 90th year.

He is the father of 15 children, 12 living, 78 grandchildren and 189 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.

The living children are: Mrs. Clara Bartlett, Tridell; Mrs. Annie E. Dudley, Maeser; George Bingham, Spanish Fork; Francis and Raymond Bingham, Alberta. Canada; Mrs. Edna Allred Logan; Edwin Bingham, Charlion, Mont; Mrs. Roseltha Vernon, Orem; Fred G. and Lester Bingham; Vernal; Mrs. Victor Billings, Salt Lake; Mrs. Keren hacking, Cedar Valley and Mrs. Vilate Hodgkinson, Vernal.


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