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Family Organization Now Offering Podcasts On Website

Podcasts are audio and video files that are easily distributed to family members all over the world. It’s another tool we use to keep family members in touch with what is going on with the family organization. We can Podcast monthly family newsletters, video, instructions, meetings, and old family history audio and video files.

You can listen to any podcast listed in the podcast section of the family website by clicking on the Listen link next to the Title of the Podcast. You can also have the Podcasts automatically downloaded to your computer by downloading the iTunes software for Windows or Macintosh and then clicking on the Subscribe button below. You can download the iTunes software for free at

Did you know that you can download podcasts to your computer and iPod? You can also burn the audio files to CD and listen to them in your car. It's a great way to learn about your family history while driving on a family vacation or commuting from work. You can also listen to the family newsletter.

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